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Daily Writing Prompts

Daily Writing Prompts

Good Year Books

Author: Carol Simpson
Package Quantity: 1

I will share with you this brilliant book titled Daily Writing Prompts . The author is Carol Simpson and it was published by Good Year Books. This went on sale on the 1st of January, 2000. The kids book is 386 pages long. To get the same discount I uncovered, check out the link on this page.

By Carol Simpson. Illustrated. 382 pages. Good Year Books. GDY452. 8 ½"x 11 ". © 2000. Suggested readings. Each and every mini-lesson comes on a reproducible handout accompanied by a page of teacher set-up that suggests a reading from popular children's literature, plus 12 far more lessons that target distinct grammar expertise. Main themes are celebrations, seasons, animals, fantasy, and autobiography. Grades 1 – 5. If a little writing every day could possibly be the surest way for students to increase their writing skills, then teachers need idea banks for mini-lessons that can jump-start no-fuss writing activities — and this book supplies practically 200, a single for each and every day with the school year.


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