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Flat Stanley His Original Adventure / Stanley And The Magic Lamp / Invisible Stanley / Stanley In Space / Stanley, Flat Again - 5 Book Set (flat Stanley)

Flat Stanley His Original Adventure4 Star Rating
Flat Stanley His Original Adventure
" Flat Stanley His Original Adventure " Is A Breathtaking Children Book

Do you want to get a new book? Get yourself a copy of Flat Stanley His Original Adventure written by Jeff Brown. Written by Jeff Brown and it was published on the 23rd of July, 2013 by HarperCollins. The children book is 560 pages long. I would like you to get the best price when buying a kids book.

flat stanley original adventure magic lamp

Savings Price: $22.00
Brand: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0545389542
Author: Jeff Brown

Product Info

ORIGINAL ADVENTURE: When Stanley Lambchop wakes up 1 morning, his brother, Arthur, is yelling. INVISIBLE STANLEY: One morning, proper appropriate after a terrible storm, Stanley Lambchop is nowhere to develop to be found. There's so much for an invisible boy to carry out. He may possibly be flat, but he's a hero! Then a single morning, he discovers he was wrong. Just exactly where is the reality that boy? STANLEY IN SPACE: The President from the United states of america has chosen Stanley Lambchop and his family to turn out to be the first humans to fly inside the Star Scout, a new top-secret spaceship. Oh, poor Stanley! Stanley's most exciting adventure is about to start. Amazing things begin happening to him. THE MAGIC LAMP: Stanley Lambchop has found a real magic lamp using a genie inside! Then they discover the truth -- Stanley is invisible! At first, Stanley is very busy. Stanley gets rolled up, mailed, and flown like a kite. But the more wishes Stanley makes, the stranger his personal life becomes. Still, there is so much that a boy who is only one inch thick can do that a round individual can't. FLAT AGAIN: Stanley Lambchop has had his share of unusual adventures. He even gets to aid catch two unsafe art thieves. Maybe this time, all it will take is one amazing occasion for every little thing to finally make sense. The genie tells Stanley he can wish for something in the world: fame, a magical pet, superpowers -- you name it. Oh, that Stanley! He'll meet the Queen of England, have a birthday party in outer space, and conserve a whole planet of aliens from danger. His household can hear him, and there is certainly a lump beneath his covers, but nobody can find him! But will he stay that way forever? When Stanley's family finds out about the genie, they have some wishes, too. But getting flat was one thing he thought he was through with forever. A bulletin board fell on Stanley throughout the night, and now he is only half an inch thick!

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  • Pages: 560
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.25" Length: 7.6" Width: 5.3"

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