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Have A Bad Day (bugville Critters)

Have A Bad Day

Reagent Press Books for Young Readers

Author: Robert Stanek

Have A Bad Day is a wonderful kids book. Written by Robert Stanek and it was published sometime in September of 2011 by Reagent Press Books for Young Readers. The kids book is 32 pages long. To see the great deal I found, check out our store add to cart button below.

Lass has a bad day. Bugville Jr. is an imprint of developmentally appropriate, interactive books created to provide lessons about life, friendship, family, and our all-natural globe to youngsters ages 6 months and up. Read letters to Buster from kids all over the world at bugvillecritters. The wonderfully crafted stories are paired with energetic illustrations of a colorful cast of critters and playful scenes. com/letters. Her friends don't need to play with her, and she feels so sad and lonely. But her bad day does have a vivid spot--you'll see. htm Factors get even worse when she encounters a stranger. The Bugville Critters stories address all of the major issues of expanding up and are developed to appeal to the ever-growing interests of young children everywhere.


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